New Book Unveils the Captivating Tale of Great Pyrenean Mountain Dogs: Patous

Renowned author Jörg Krämer delves deep into the fascinating history of Great Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, affectionately known as Patous in France, in his latest literary masterpiece. The book titled "Great Pyrenean Mountain Dogs: Patous" offers an enthralling narrative that spans centuries, exploring the enduring journey of these magnificent canines from herding guardians to esteemed companions worldwide. From guarding herds to brief stints as protectors of palaces and castles, Great Pyrenean Mountain Read more [...]

Write a book competition

SuperSurge, a popular search engine, and gaming website launches a "write a book competition", just weeks after the inauguration of its new online magazine. The Rise of Atamia is an editorial project specially designed for young authors who want to make their debut in the world of online publishing. If you are a young author, established author, or creative AI you can enter the competition by submitting your book chapter to the following address theriseofatamia (at) supersurge (dot) com Of Read more [...]