Of Superstition And The Gamblers’ Naiveté

From the start, I need to ascertain that the winning/losing streaks of a gambler are influenced by luck as much as they are dependent on utilizing a viable strategy that is in accordance with the game, the number of players at the table, or the proprietary rules imposed by the house. Although the application of an effective method can maximize the chances of winning – to be read also as minimizing the losses – chance is an important factor. Now, without denying this obvious fact, the following Read more [...]

Make Casino Gaming More Interactive By Playing Tournaments

By Rod Part of the appeal of playing casino online is that you can play the games on your terms, whenever you feel like it. You don't have to wait for opening hours, you can play at three in the morning should you choose to. And there's no need to commit to playing table games or slots, you can flit between all different types of games whenever you want. You only have yourself to consider, you don't need to think about other players.
But there are times when it's fun to shake things up a bit and Read more [...]

Dark Souls 2

By WGM Aggedly you draw breath, as the final moans of the vanquished fade away along with their corpses. How many times have you trod these halls, these arteries of a forsaken monument to a past barely remembered? It doesn't matter. Drangleic is a world of the present drowned by the memories of the forgotten, and no matter how many times you've succumbed to the claws and swords and snarls of those around you, things never seem to change. They say that death is a transition, a transformation of Read more [...]

Top 5 Most Popular Video Game Tournaments Worldwide

By Rod Do you believe that playing video games for a living is a fool's dream? Well, there are many “fools” who have won big and achieve fame. The following five video game championships are here to contradict you.
1. Call of Duty Championship
The second annual Call of Duty (CoD) Championship will take place between 28th and 30th of March 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Although the tournament is at its second edition, CoD is more than a game; it's a pastime shared by millions of fans worldwide. Read more [...]

Adventure Games: The Ones You Should Definitely Play

By WGM When one is tired from boring daily activities and some stimulation of the mind is needed, Adventure games are often the solution. These sorts of games actually give us reason to think and use our minds to solve puzzles and riddles before our destination in the virtual world can be reached. This particular genre of games has always been extremely popular and now there are a number of extremely impressive games out there that will simply blow you away and transport you to another world entirely. Read more [...]

Sniper Games That Will Blow Your Minds Off

By WGM I am sure most of you out there have watched a number of sniper movies. One such movie that I remember is ‘Shooter' in which mark Walberg plays the role of a world class sniper. Taking a sniper shot is not easy at all. If you have watched the movie you will notice that there are a lot of factors that come into play before making a shot. Snipers have to consider the wind direction, the distance, velocity etc and then make a calculated shot. Meanwhile, not everyone can become a sniper hence Read more [...]

5 Awesome Racing Games

By WGM Racing games have been popular now for many years and they continue to remain popular on the computer. They have changed a lot in these past few years and have gotten much better. Back in the old days people would have to visit the arcade if they wanted to enjoy a good racing game but now you can enjoy a racing game at home on devices like the wii, tablet and on your computer.

Racing games is something that all ages can enjoy. It doesn't matter if you are a kid or if you're an adult there Read more [...]

Round Up Of 6 Cool Free Racing Games Online

By WGM There are so many racing games online these days and the graphics are all great in many of them. You will find yourself getting entertained for hours when you start playing these games.
You can find everything from boating racing games to car racing games online. Once you start to Play racing games you will be amazed at how addicting it gets and you will find yourself playing them for many hours.
Here is a roundup of 6 cool racing games online that you can play for free.
Turbo Racing 2

Turbo Read more [...]

All Time Favorite Sniper Games

By WGM Everybody has different tastes when it comes to games and their genres. One of the most challenging types of games are Sniper games as they really require a great deal of focus and sheer talent. It is no wonder that they are extremely popular as well with most high-tech gamers who live to play quality games.
Naturally, if you are going to devote your enthusiasm and your time to a game you need to be thoroughly convinced that it is top notch and that it poses enough of a challenge to you. Read more [...]

5 First Person Shooter Games You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

By WGM First person shooter games are games in which the game play is centered on the weapons that the player is holding. Such games are highly engaging and always keep the players on the edge. Moreover, first person shooter games are mostly full of action and thrill. Over the years, a large number of gaming companies have started to develop first person shooter games because they have a cult following. The following is the list of the best first person shooting games.
Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 dead Read more [...]

Beginner’s Guide to a Live Tournament (part 2)

By Rod Did you like the first pieces of advice in Beginner's Guide to a Live Tournament (part 1)? Here are some more useful hints.
Protect Your Chips
Protect your chips with everything you've got. At a live tournament, bluffing excessively and betting against poor hands will eliminate two from the game. Only risk your chips by playing the hands where you have a real chance to win.
Trust your perception and instincts. If somebody at your table is playing as if they have a great hand, play as if Read more [...]

Everything you must know about R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War

By WGM R.A.W. is the a.k.a. for Realms of Ancient War. It is a Hack n Slash (action/role-playing game) developed for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation® Network and PC Digital and it is one of the brand new IP that is being availed from Wizarbox. Some of you will know them for other console ports like Arx Fatalis and Risen. R.A.W is a heroic fantasy game that will take you to a continent that was destroyed by a war 10 years before the events told in the story. Four kingdoms of Elves, Men and Dwarves Read more [...]

List Of The Top 4 Zombie Games

By WGM Those of you who don't know what zombie's are , they are basically dead people who come to life and eat objects such as the human flesh. When you think of the word Zombie games I am sure terror and horror comes into your mind. However, the truth about zombie games is that they are extremely fun to play and are full of action. The following is a list of the best zombie games.
The house of dead: Overkill
This game is available on Play Station 2 and Nintendo Wii. The game is rated mature and Read more [...]

Online War Games You Cannot Miss Out On

By WGM Playing Online war games is an acquired taste and it has spread lately to a great degree as even the most mild of us are drawn to this dangerously interactive hobby. There is so much more to these games than the others out there as there is a real chance to find out what you are made of and how fast your reflexes and thinking powers are.
Most people prefer to start from the simpler ones and work their way up from there. Because of any good game's inherent complex rules, it takes a great Read more [...]

Beginner’s Guide to a Live Tournament (part 1)

By Rod Are you ready to get involved with your first live tournament? The following advice is a quick overview of surviving that first tournament and increasing your chances of winning.
Check out our two part article on how to feel comfortable when you visit a card room or casino for the first time. Getting comfortable with the environment is a great first step to feeling confident at your first live tournament.
First times for anything can be nerve wracking, but playing poker or another game for Read more [...]