Do you know the basics of copyright laws?

What does the “automatic copyright” concept refer to? The current legislation in the field mandates that any form of intellectual property created by an individual that has been stored on a physical device is automatically protected by copyright. It is important to note that until the intellectual property has been recorded on a form of readable or reproducible storing environment, it cannot fall under the category of intellectual property eligible for automatic copyright. In essence, it Read more [...]

Personal injury: Legal aspects

Personal injuries might occur in any place as well as to any person.  Frequently, personal injuries are the result of actions of negligence by someone else. If the cause of the personal injury is due to such a negligent act then there is a likelihood of you being eligible for punitive damages. The cause may be because of a malpractice action by a medical practitioner or a vehicle accident, in such instances, you may be entitled to pecuniary compensation for settlement of such issues. Your initial Read more [...]