AutoText AI Pvt Ltd. Raises Pre-seed Funds to Bring Unparalleled Automation to the Digital Marketing Industry

AutoText AI is an all-in-one workspace enabling business owners/marketers to reduce resource costs and execution time by 80-90% compared to conventional digital marketing. One can plan, create content (image and text), publish and schedule posts, and get analytics and recommendations in one place.

New Delhi, India, [Date]. AutoText AI has recently announced that they have secured an undisclosed amount in their pre-seed fundraising round. They empower digital marketers, solopreneurs, start-ups, and SMBs with an AI/ML-based digital marketing platform to perform all digital marketing tasks in one place. The funding enables AutoText AI to add more features to its product, launch new customer-friendly plans, and expand its market reach. Divakar Shukla, AutoText AI’s CEO states, “AutoText AI’s goal is to democratize digital marketing and ensure that no start-up or any business fails because of sub-par marketing efforts.”

AutoText AI Pvt Ltd is registered in Delhi, India in April 2023. It launched its ‘Free’ plan in mid-June 2023 and the ‘Basic’ plan at the end of June 2023. The company was bootstrapped till August 2023 when it secured a pre-seed funding amount from two different investors, one based in southeast Asia and one in India. “It’s exciting to hear first-hand how customers realize the benefits of AutoText AI’s platform. This is why the AutoText AI team has seen its customers rapidly adapt the platform for their end use,” said the investor based in India. “I continue to be excited to partner with AutoText AI and look forward to supporting Divakar and the team as they change the game for how an AI/ML-based digital marketing platform creates marketing intelligence,” says the investor based in southeast Asia.

Digital media (DM) marketing of a product or service includes brainstorming, textual and graphical content creation, posting and scheduling the content on various social media (SM) platforms, and analyzing the performance of posts in tandem. The analysis results pave the way for the next campaign design. All these tasks need either human experts or different software. Smaller businesses and start-ups often cannot bear such costs and hence compromise upon standard marketing. AutoText AI is a user-friendly MarTech SaaS product developed using AI and ML technologies to perform all digital marketing tasks in one place. This all-in-one SM marketing workspace is a super resource and cost-saving tool designed for all digital marketers.

“We want every digital marketer, be it a start-up owner, a solopreneur, or any other business owner, to have access to a digital marketing tool that makes the tasks easy and brings savings to the business. Owners can use their time and money saved using AutoText AI in other fields of their business,” said Dr. Ruchika Yogesh, COO and Co-founder of AutoText AI.

About AutoText AI

AutoText is a MarTech platform designed to facilitate marketers to get the desired output in their chosen language with the least effort. This platform provides a smooth transition between its features (content writing, posting, scheduling, fetching analytics from different platforms, presenting on the dashboard, analyzing SM post-performance data, and synthesizing data to give recommendations) making digital media marketing hassle-free, cost and time effective. It is a self-learning marketing intelligence platform that provides a plug-and-play system trained by the successes and failures of a large number of past marketing campaigns.

This all-in-one digital marketing platform is available for subscribers on a ‘freemium’ model where a subscriber uses the platform for free utilizing a particular number of credits during a period of one month. The subscriber can upgrade the plan to enjoy advanced features. In case the subscriber does not choose to upgrade, free credits are generated again at the end of the month ensuring stickiness of the subscriber and addition of more data into the pool.

Contact details
Divakar Shukla
Phone: 9650955251

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