Ecology – What is it?

By iEcology

Many of us have studied what ecology is in our environmental studies class. But before we jump into the discussion of what exactly ecology is and how it affects the environment, we need to know what an ecosystem is as an ecology is nothing but basically a subset of an ecosystem.

An ecosystem is one of the major important aspects that one needs to study. To start of with the discussion, we define an ecosystem as a specific area that comprises of biological life of all different forms and species existing in the specific environment. It should be importantly noted that we talk about a specific environment here, therefore about all the physical components that make up the environment like air, water, soil etc. All play a very major role. It should be also well noted that the most common factors that can possibly affect an ecosystem are composition, diversity, amount of biomass etc.

Now most of the ecological studies are primarily related to environmental sciences with respect to
1. Understanding relationships with ecosystems and between organisms
2. Describing the tendency
3. Studying variations
4. Lastly, describing interactions between different institutions.

Ecology has always been considered to be a human science. With the wide …read more

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