Credit repair: Legal aspects

You must be vastly interested in having an excellent credit rating so that you are able to obtain credit whenever you may require. If perchance you do experience problems regarding your creditworthiness, then you have the option of obtaining help from professional organizations that specialize in credit repair. Such organizations that indulge in credit repair include the person(s) who with the help of any instruments of inter-state business or the post perform, sell or provide their service(s) in lieu of payment or any other quid pro quo for the purpose of repairing or improving your credit standing. They also provide assistance or advice to the consumer who is having problems regarding his credit and how to go about restructuring debts owed by the consumer. 

Also, the credit repairer cannot commit any act which may be construed to be illegal or maybe an attempt at committing any sort of deception or fraudulent act on any consumer with regards to the offer of services in connection with repairing of credit. Nor can the credit repair organization charge in advance any service charges towards credit repair work to be done at a future time until the same work has been successfully completed. You as a consumer have the right to receive authentic reports about your creditworthiness directly from the Bureau of Credit. But you or any other person or organization acting on your behalf cannot approach the Credit Bureau with an appeal to change or cancel any authentic but negative data regarding your credit standing. Such negative but accurate information can be deleted only if it reaches 7 years old. But data regarding bankruptcy can only be removed or deleted from your credit standing after a period of ten years.

You have the right to dispute data that is wrong and inaccurate by applying to the Credit Bureau directly. A copy of your credit report can be printed as is your right but you may have to shell out a small charge. But there is no fee involved if you have been denied insurance or employment or a dwelling on rent or even credit due to your credit report within the last sixty days. Also, assistance should be given by the Credit Bureau for helping you to interpret accurately the data in your credit report.

You should note that if you are seeking assistance for credit repair then there should be a written contract duly dated and signed by all parties concerned. Such a signed contract should specifically enumerate the conditions and terms agreed upon including the total amount of payment to be made by the defaulting consumer to the credit repair organization. Also, a detailed mention of the services is to be provided by the credit repairer for the individual which should include the guarantees of performance agreed upon. The contract should also specify the length of time required for the successful performance of these services, the details such as name and principal address of the organization undertaking the work of credit repair. Also, a stipulation in bold needs to be incorporated as to the statement that the consumer has a right without any fine or pecuniary damages to resign from the contract before the midnight of the third business day after the date on which the contract has been duly signed and entered into.

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