Personal injury: Legal aspects

Personal injuries might occur in any place as well as to any person.  Frequently, personal injuries are the result of actions of negligence by someone else. If the cause of the personal injury is due to such a negligent act then there is a likelihood of you being eligible for punitive damages. The cause may be because of a malpractice action by a medical practitioner or a vehicle accident, in such instances, you may be entitled to pecuniary compensation for settlement of such issues.

Your initial response to any personal injury which is the result of a negligent act by some other individual is of vital significance. In case you are hurt, it is essential that you visit a doctor without delay, without any regard to how insignificant the injury may appear. If you were injured in an accident then it is most essential that you file a report of the same with the police also. You require police and medical reports because, in absence of both or either of them, you will not be able to prove your eligibility for financial compensation.

You can apply for pecuniary reparation by way of a lawsuit or just a claim. There is a significant legal difference between a lawsuit and a claim. A claim for damages is a matter between the concerned parties and the insurance company. The insurance company after the incident of the accident will diffuse the value of your injury to you.

But if you feel that the injuries sustained by you are valued more than what compensation you have received, then you are required to file a lawsuit. This lawsuit is against the person responsible for the act of negligence and from whom you are expecting the additional financial compensation. It is prudent to bear in mind that such lawsuits are difficult to win and may also be time-consuming and stressful. Hence, it is advisable not to file a lawsuit unless your injuries are severely damaging your health. Unless you have sustained broken bones or have been afflicted by a disability within the ninety days immediately preceding the accident, it is ill-advised to file a lawsuit. There is a strong chance that with the help of an excellent lawyer, you might be able to negotiate a substantially high settlement with the insurance company.

It is not mandatory that you should have a lawyer to represent you during the settlement of a personal injury. But if the case is serious and involves a great deal of physical, psychological damage, then there might be a need for a lawyer to intervene on your part so as to obtain a maximum amount for financial consolation. Also, you need to consider that a significant amount will be required to file a lawsuit by way of service costs of the lawyer as well as other legal expenses. Hence, it is prudent to consider these expenses and weigh them against the envisaged benefits or compensation. For it should not be a classic case of penny wise and pound foolish!

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