Ecological Planning

By iEcology

Every business organization has to take control on how it impacts on society and all individual entities in the surrounding environment. To do that business organizations need to have their own ecological planning in the aim to guarantee they do not harm or have any kind of adverse impact on the environment in any way.

What we mean by ecological planning is nothing but the process of understanding, evaluating, and providing options for the use of landscape to ensure a better fit with human habitation. Basically, what ecological planning deals with is the method of integration of human habitat along with the goal of environmental sustainability. Started in the year 1969, ecological planning has always been on the forefront since then.

To understand the goals and the implications of such kind of planning one needs to define a lot of key variables in the process. Trying to understand the relationship between human actions and the environment is a clear must and it is only then that one can understand the positive or negative impact that is caused by human actions on the environment.

It is said that one of the most positive impacts and a clear advantage of ecological planning is …read more

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