The Largest Domain Acquisition in History of Crypto Domains – BTB.COM for 500 Bitcoins (BTC)

At the beginning of 2018, when blockchain and digital currency were the hottest topics of the moment, it took place a bit on the sly the largest domain name acquisition in the blockchain and digital currency industries.

Dai Yue, a domain name investor from China, revealed that in January of this year, he sold the domain name BTB.COM for 500 BTC to BitBrothers company. According to the average price of bitcoin (BTC) in January this year, the price reached 50,000,000 CNY or 7,800,000 USD. This certainly is the highest-priced acquisition in the history of cryptocurrency sector-related domains so far and very close to the top 10 of domain acquisitions as a whole.

1: – 31,180,000 USD

2: – 18,000,000 USD

3: – 17,000,000 USD

4: – 13,000,000 USD

5: – 12,500,000 USD

6: – 11,000,000 USD

7: – 10,200,000 USD

8: – 9,999,950 USD

9: – 9,500,000 USD

10: – 8,888,888 USD

Dai Yue revealed that the psychological price of the BTB.COM domain name was 1000 BTC to him, especially considering the exponential growth of bitcoin price during previous months. Through a full understanding of the buyer, Dai Yue believes that the company has the financial and technical strength to use BTB.COM to establish the world’s safest and most stable digital currency exchange, which will solve the current poor security and reliability of major digital currency exchanges.

The domain name was registered in February 1995. In terms of typology, belongs to the ABA-type of 3 letter domain names, which is a short and easy to remember category of domains. This name sounds like “比特币”, Bǐtè bì, that is nothing else than “bitcoin” in Chinese.

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