A Spirited Journey: Using Guard Wine to Navigate the World of Wines and Spirits

[Atlanta, Georgia, November 29, 2023] – Today marks the launch of Guard Wine, an innovative and comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize the way enthusiasts explore and discover the vast universe of wines and spirits. This user-friendly website serves as a dedicated search engine, offering a one-stop destination for individuals seeking information, recommendations, and a deeper understanding of various alcoholic beverages. Unparalleled Selection and Expert Guidance: GuardWine.com Read more [...]

The Largest Domain Acquisition in History of Crypto Domains – BTB.COM for 500 Bitcoins (BTC)

At the beginning of 2018, when blockchain and digital currency were the hottest topics of the moment, it took place a bit on the sly the largest domain name acquisition in the blockchain and digital currency industries. Dai Yue, a domain name investor from China, revealed that in January of this year, he sold the domain name BTB.COM for 500 BTC to BitBrothers company. According to the average price of bitcoin (BTC) in January this year, the price reached 50,000,000 CNY or 7,800,000 USD. This Read more [...]