Perhaps It’s Time You Joined The Poker Players Alliance!

If you’re playing poker on a regular basis – online and/or offline – then you are most likely aware of the limitations imposed on gambling facilities all across the United States. I’m sure that people who are living in states where certain forms of gambling are considered a crime know what I’m talking about. While I’m not criticizing the government and its good intentions, the truth is that there is nothing more absurd in a democratic state than the authorities constantly telling people what they can and cannot do! This is especially true for games such as poker, which let’s admit it, it’s pretty harmless.

Good news for the New York poker fans

In a big metropolis like New York, it seems only natural that you can play church bingo, place a bet at the horse track or have some fun with the 5 card video poker, electronic roulette, and the baccarat machines. However, since all these games are considered allowed in NY, the poker player community has made an effort for legalizing other games like poker and blackjack. Surprisingly, the authorities have responded to this petition and decided that the legalization of poker will be done only if the citizens vote pro gambling for 2 consecutive years at the referendum.

Not so fast…

As it is customary in the United States, whenever a group of people is fighting for a cause, they always have to face strong opposition. In the past several months, almost every newspaper in NY started blabbering about the terrifying scenarios in which the main characters were no other than the poker players. Appealing to the sensitivity of the public opinion, the newspapers depicted poker fans more like drug addicts who are on a sure slope to financial ruin. Seriously now, if we would base our decisions on that logic, then very soon we will start banning alcohol and even fast-food. And you know how well the prohibition worked out.

This is where the Poker Players Alliance comes in

Having elected ex-US senator Alfonso D’Amato to the Board of Directors and honestly believing that poker fans will be able to play their favorite game when and where they choose, the PPA stands for a non-profit organization formed mostly from regular poker players. Governed by the “Never Fold!” motto, the organization’s role consists of making sure poker players’ rights are respected. The more people such as yourself join our cause, the more chances we have of legalizing poker across the nation.

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