5 First Person Shooter Games You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

By WGM First person shooter games are games in which the game play is centered on the weapons that the player is holding. Such games are highly engaging and always keep the players on the edge. Moreover, first person shooter games are mostly full of action and thrill. Over the years, a large number of gaming companies have started to develop first person shooter games because they have a cult following. The following is the list of the best first person shooting games. Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 dead Read more [...]

Beginner’s Guide to a Live Tournament (part 2)

By Rod Did you like the first pieces of advice in Beginner's Guide to a Live Tournament (part 1)? Here are some more useful hints. Protect Your Chips Protect your chips with everything you've got. At a live tournament, bluffing excessively and betting against poor hands will eliminate two from the game. Only risk your chips by playing the hands where you have a real chance to win. Trust your perception and instincts. If somebody at your table is playing as if they have a great hand, play as if Read more [...]

How to Improve Physical Condition with Basketball Drills

By Sport Nine Basketball is a sport that demands a great physical condition allowing its players to be able to run on the court for all sorts of moves involved in both defense and offense playing. If players are not properly trained, they will have hard times to keep up with the alert rhythm of playing, which is so specific for basketball sporting. One of the exercises that trains them to be in a top condition is the basketball drills. The fast paced practice is therefore chosen by trainers for Read more [...]

Everything you must know about R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War

By WGM R.A.W. is the a.k.a. for Realms of Ancient War. It is a Hack n Slash (action/role-playing game) developed for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation® Network and PC Digital and it is one of the brand new IP that is being availed from Wizarbox. Some of you will know them for other console ports like Arx Fatalis and Risen. R.A.W is a heroic fantasy game that will take you to a continent that was destroyed by a war 10 years before the events told in the story. Four kingdoms of Elves, Men and Dwarves Read more [...]

List Of The Top 4 Zombie Games

By WGM Those of you who don't know what zombie's are , they are basically dead people who come to life and eat objects such as the human flesh. When you think of the word Zombie games I am sure terror and horror comes into your mind. However, the truth about zombie games is that they are extremely fun to play and are full of action. The following is a list of the best zombie games. The house of dead: Overkill This game is available on Play Station 2 and Nintendo Wii. The game is rated mature and Read more [...]

Online War Games You Cannot Miss Out On

By WGM Playing Online war games is an acquired taste and it has spread lately to a great degree as even the most mild of us are drawn to this dangerously interactive hobby. There is so much more to these games than the others out there as there is a real chance to find out what you are made of and how fast your reflexes and thinking powers are. Most people prefer to start from the simpler ones and work their way up from there. Because of any good game's inherent complex rules, it takes a great Read more [...]

Beginner’s Guide to a Live Tournament (part 1)

By Rod Are you ready to get involved with your first live tournament? The following advice is a quick overview of surviving that first tournament and increasing your chances of winning. Check out our two part article on how to feel comfortable when you visit a card room or casino for the first time. Getting comfortable with the environment is a great first step to feeling confident at your first live tournament. First times for anything can be nerve wracking, but playing poker or another game for Read more [...]

How to Get a Seat at Next Year’s WSOP?

By Rod Every year in Las Vegas, both professional and amateur poker players come together for the largest poker tournament in the world: The World Series of Poker (WSOP). Every poker player, from the guy down the street who has his buddies over once a week to people who make their living at the cards, dreams of taking part in this competition. Not only it is the place where the most poker players and fans come together, but there are massive prizes to be won. Perhaps the best opportunity at Read more [...]

5 Tips for a Better Tournament Game

By Rod 1. The number one tip for improving your poker tournament game is to focus on position. Ideally, the vast majority of your poker hands should be played in position and the number played out of position should be extremely low. 2. The beginning of the tournament is the best time to change things up a bit and play low pocket pairs, suited connectors and creatively attack opponents who prefer not to fold overpairs. 3. Keep your play style tight and solid as you go through the tournament game. Read more [...]

How to Evaluate a Craps Tournament (part 2)

By Rod If you have read the first part of this article How to Evaluate a Craps Tournament (part 2) you are now wondering how you can avoid the same mistake I made. I'd start with asking the following questions about every tournament you consider entering and demanding to know the answers before you get on a plane or hop in the car to travel to the location. What are the rules? Insist on knowing all the rules, preferably in writing, before you journey to wherever the craps tournament will be held. Read more [...]